Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time to Start the Blog

Welcome to our blog!!!  This blog is a journal of our three month trip through South America (mostly in Buenos Aires).  So basically, just our mother's will read this (hi moms!).  But for the few others that read our Walden Pond, you are in for a treat.  Within this blog, you will find golden nuggets of information about South America, and about life in general.  We will answer such questions as, "What food do they eat in Argentina?", "What are the locals like?", and "What is the meaning of life?".

Ok, first things first.  We have a sweet apartment in Palermo Hollywood.  Lots of great bars and restaurants around here.  Here's some apartment pics.

View from our balcony
The best $4 bottle of wine I've ever had.  Good wine is dangerously cheap.
Front door.

Our studio apartment.

So, Pauline and I had gotten maybe an hour of sleep on the overnight flight.  But that didn't stop us from celebrating our first night.  For those of you that know us well, Pauline and I party more than Kato Kaelin.  Here is the proof.

Me, Pauline, and some locals that love American men!